Looking for Army Knowledge Online (AKO)? You’ve come to the right place!

AKO allows 2.3 million Army, joint, and Department of Defense users to access information through a common website portal.

You might simply be looking for this URL to access AKO: https://www.us.army.mil/

These services are accessible on unclassified and classified networks through a single login and password.

Examples of those with AKO accounts include all Active Duty personnel, National Guard, Reserves, Department of the Army Civilians and certain contractors.

Retired personnel and family members may additionally have accounts.

Users can build web pages, store files, participate in forums through AKO.

AKO has been called “the world’s largest intranet” and rightfully so.

One out of every 2 Soldiers who have been deployed uses the portal daily for work and family reasons.

AKO has also been made available to the entire Department of Defense community through a branding called DKO (Defense Knowledge Online).

AKO users can specify permissions for each item of content they publish or own so that they can control their audience for that content.

Once you’ve accessed AKO, if you need help installing the certificate, or really need any kind of help, links on the site are prominently displayed.